Solstice Drag Show at the House of Funk Brewing, North Vancouver Shipyards

Very fun Solstice Drag show at the House of Funk Brewing! Some of Vancouver's famous and talented performers entertained the crowd, as did the many flavours of stout. Hosted by local legend, Shanda Leer, and featuring performances by Belladonna Von Shade, Jerrilynn Spears & Delica Cee, it was a night to entice and enchant!

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The crowd cheered and clapped with every reveal, split landing, outrageous dance move, and expertly executed feminine hand motion and elegant sway of the hips.

I absolutely love the comedy, the exuberance and show-person-ship of drag and the body-and-expression-of-choice positive atmosphere. This is pure performance art and the variety of costume, music, dance, and acrobatics is astonishing.

The term "drag" refers to the performance of masculinityfemininity or other forms of gender expression. A drag queen is someone (usually male) who performs femininity and a drag king is someone (usually female) who performs masculinity. The term may be used as a noun as in the expression in drag or as an adjective as in drag show.[4]


Delica Cee

Delica Cee (pronouns he/she/they) is a Enby Genderfluid Queen, Singer, and Flow artist of extreme grace and talent. Her costumes always delight and are hand crafted. The leather head piece she created has been exhibited in North Vancouver art shows. Several times finalist of Vancouver's Drag Talent. Her persona builds on wiccan ritual and the arcane symbolism.

The witch of East Vancouver, Delica Cee is here to bewitch and beguile with gags, tricks, stupidity, and if course a little magic. Mother of the Cee Section and friend of neighborhood crows, Delica Cee isn't sure where she left her keys.

She is also a very good friend of mine. An altogether lovely person - though I promised her not to tell anyone as it might ruin her fierce reputation.

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Her performance that night included a expressive dance in a robe and hat (which was lost, and then found), a feather and a basket and magic dust.

Her second performance was a glorious flow with solid reflective double buugeng - a sickle-like object that she rotates in hypnotizing patterns (for more info, check here and if you're looking for a rabbit hole, look at this video of the juggler Michael Moschen who is mentioned as the first recorded performance with a buugeng, and is also behind David Bowie's performance in the Labyrinth!).

Image removed. Image removed. Image removed.Delica Cee

Image removed.Jerrilyn Spears and Delica Cee

Jerrilyn Spears

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Jerrilyn Spears, Vancouver's thickest, juiciest, and messiest 5'8" Bimbo. Her show is over the top vaudeville and burlesque - beware when she asks for help from an audience member!

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Shanda Leer

Shanda Leer hosted the show, and carried us from one performance to the next. Her irreverant banter (then again, what else would one expect) and her song performances kept the audience engaged for the evening.

Shanda Leer is your favourite tipsy aunt at a wedding. Besides making every pizza personal-sized, her three talents are hosting, toasting and ghosting.

From: VancouverisAwesome - ShareLove
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Belladonna VonShade

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Belladonna VonShade performed several well styled lip-synch songs with great dance moves and awesome energy.

Image removed.Source: Her instagram

House of Funk Brewing

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Thank you to the House of Funk for hosting this evening. I sampled a number of their stouts which were strong and awesome. Their PB&J-Stout was as you'd expect - a solid dark stout with mostly a jam flavour, really liked it and their Imperial Milk Stout Debauchery was excellent. Great ambiance and decor. My only comment would be that the glasses they served that night were quite small - definitely not a pint. Loved the wine barrel tables!

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For a history and context of Drag shows - wait for my next post!

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