Art Admiration

"Keeping the Song Alive" and Artist Talk with Sonny Assu - Bill Reid Gallery

Despite many odds, recordings of the ancestral Songs of the Kwakwaka’wakw were created and survived.  In January 2023 at Vancouver's Bill Reid Gallery,  Ligwiłda'xw Kwakwaka’wakw multidisciplinary artist Sonny Assu gave a virtual artist talk about the chance rediscovery of this music, featuring his great-grandfather chief Billy Assu, and how a deepening knowledge of his heritage has influenced and featured in his practice and art work. 


Puns & Roses - a Tribute to Dad Rock

Another fabulous performance produced by Sleepy Queers Productions. Homo Hardware quipped the evening along, Dust provided the rocking music and steady beat, and the talented performers entertained with their presence.

These evenings are such a joyful event. This crowd is welcoming, warm, and cheers loudly. So many beautiful people!!


a Seat at the Table, Chinese Canadian Museum and MoV

History of Chinese immigration through food and restaurant culture.

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-- Exhibition --

In the past few months, fate put in front of me various learning moments about British Columbia history that - to my embarrassment - I had no awareness of. A visit to Sun Yat Sen garden.


Pride in Chinatown 2022

Pride in Chinatown, organized by the tireless Don Kwan featured a several events, including a brunch with Opera, Dim Sum, and Tea - what a great combination - and "Neon Nights", an evening with karaoke, dance and art at the Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden. An ardent celebration of queer and Asian identity.


Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden: Will Travel for Food Flight #4

A delightful evening at the Sun Yat-Sen Garden at the "Will Travel for Food" event on February 26. I hadn't been at this Chinese Garden for quite a while, and never at night - and it was magical. Walking through the lantern-lit garden at night was lovely and sampling the various vendor foods was delicious. Sam Shem brought us some special ice-cream that reminded me of green tea icecream but was more fruity. The lovely Olivia served amazing Hawthorne cocktails to those discerning enough to choose the alcoholic drink.


Chinatown Fire Dragon Festival - September 25th 2021

Reviving an old tradition, the community came together today to welcome the Fire Dragon. Very appropriately, the story says that "In a dream, Buddha appeared before an elderly villager and told him to hold the Fire Dragon Dance to drive away the plague". Dancing will set you free, indeed!