Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden: Will Travel for Food Flight #4

A delightful evening at the Sun Yat-Sen Garden at the "Will Travel for Food" event on February 26. I hadn't been at this Chinese Garden for quite a while, and never at night - and it was magical. Walking through the lantern-lit garden at night was lovely and sampling the various vendor foods was delicious. Sam Shem brought us some special ice-cream that reminded me of green tea icecream but was more fruity. The lovely Olivia served amazing Hawthorne cocktails to those discerning enough to choose the alcoholic drink.

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The Sun Yat-Sen Garden, according to their site, is a Ming-style garden which is one pf the first of it's kind to have been built outside of China.

Will Travel for Food: Flight 4 Image removed. Vancouver - Hong Kong was a sold-out event organized by  Sam Shem (The Dessert Club) and Melody Yip (Blackholetummy). It transported diners abroad to Hong Kong, via an immersive evening of eating, drinking and art, in the festively decorated Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

'Will Travel for Food' is a series of 6 pop-ups around Vancouver. Inspired by travel, these events are designed by The Dessert Club to give participants a glimpse of food from different countries by local chefs and creators. By partnering and working with local businesses, the goal is to offer customers a culinary experience that branches across two destination countries. [Scout Magazine]

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Flight #3, Japan to India, has been rescheduled to March! Tickets at Tickets:

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