Delve into the history or origin of a thing or concept, because there are so many fascinating things to be found there, so many stories.  


Visiting Kornelimuster, Germany

The efficient Deutsche Bahn train system took us from Mainz to Aachen.  See this page for more info on how to travel by train with your bike. 

We stayed in Kornelimunster which is a lovely 10km bike ride through the country side to the village, just southeast of Aachen - very refreshing after spending hours on the train.  


Clergical stoles - traditions of distinction

Think of the last time you walked into a room.  Your mind trying to make sense of the scene: the objects, sounds, people present; your lizard brain sorting the space into 'safe' or 'suspect'.  Clothing provides a clue to identity, whether self defined or externally imposed.


Visiting Mainz, Germany

Mainz (Germany) is located where the river Mainz intersects with the river Rhine and from Frankfurt it is a beautiful bike ride along the river Mainz on a segregated bike path.   To cross the Rhine, you get to use a small track along the train bridge, which is pretty cool. 

Art Admiration

St Andrew's Church, North Vancouver, 1912

St. Andrew’s United Church at 1044 St. George’s Avenue in the City of North Vancouver was built in 1912. The architects were Alexander and Brown. However, the first St. Andrew’s, which at that time was a Presbyterian Church, was located on East 6th Street facing Victoria Park and built in 1904. The “new” church built in 1912 is the one we see today, a shingle-clad adaptation in the Gothic Revival style.

Coffee Cravings

Coffee at Andrew's on Eighth [building from 1912]

Andrew's on Eighth, located at - as you may suspect :) - at the corner of St Andrews Ave and 8th Street in North Vancouver (maplink), is a super-cozy coffee and lunch place with some of the best breakfast croissants in Vancouver. Their Chai lattes are also pretty awesome.  The building has a fascinating history, see below!