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Visiting Kornelimuster, Germany, by bike

The efficient Deutsche Bahn train system took us from Mainz to Aachen.  See this page for more info on how to travel by train with your bike. 

We stayed in Kornelimunster which is a lovely 10km bike ride southeast of Aachen - very refreshing after spending hours on the train.  

Beer Benevolence

I choose you, Deschutes!

My go-to favourite beer at the end of a long day is Deschute's Haze Tron Imperial Hazy IPA.   Nice milky-smooth mouthfeel, white grapefruit that winked at an apricot across the table but was too shy to walk over and have a chat.

This beer is not so over-the-top on complexity that you need to sit down, but also enough of a story line to keep you interested and coming back.

Recommend.   8% ABV and 55 IBUs


Story: World without end

Take One: HK

Aivyne took her phone out of her jeans pocket, checked the time and noted that she should hurry to make it to work on time.  Yet the forest whispered to her with the fresh earthy smells of moss and vines, of dew-covered soil and newly budded leaves.  Mist was rising from the ground where the early morning sun caressed it.  She put her phone back and gave it a pat on the outside of the pocket, to reassure it that she would be back soon.


Clergical stoles - traditions of distinction

Think of the last time you walked into a room.  Your mind trying to make sense of the scene: the objects, sounds, people present; your lizard brain sorting the space into 'safe' or 'suspect'.  Clothing provides a clue to identity, whether self defined or externally imposed.