Whistler Brewing "Dunkel"

Do you like Chocolate Orange? Is that the thing you were hoping to get in your stocking, feeling for the square shape when it was your turn? Then this is YOUR beer. Pour it into your glass and just ... breathe in the fragrance. There's a liquid Christmas morning for you!

Gold winner at the Annual Canadian Brewing Awards in the 2019 category "herb and spice" and back with a strong showing for 2022!

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This is definitely an all-time seasonal winter favourite and hard to believe they can make a beer actually taste like chocolate orange. Amazing - strongly recommend.


From the Whistler Brewing site which - note! - has an odd page title for this one ("copy-of-pineapple-express"): Winter Dunkel starts with chocolate and wheat malts and then add a liberal helping of 100% organic chocolate.  We then steep the brew with authentic orange zest and coriander in our pure copper kettles during boil.  The result is rich, full-bodied, subtly sweet – and with a decidedly chocolate orange finish.


ALC 5.0% | IBU 24 | HOPS Nugget, Challenger, Williamette

Da Capo Al Fine.

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For more information about the history of Terry's Chocolate Orange, check out this:


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