Vancouver historic Marine Building (1930)

The Vancouver Marine Building, at 355 Burrard Street, is an art-deco building completed in 1930. As you would expect from such a building, both the exterior and the interior are highly decorated while the structure itself is graceful and simple. According to the architects, McCarter & Nairne, the building was intended to evoke "some great crag rising from the sea, clinging with sea flora and fauna, tinted in sea-green, touched with gold."[6] [wikipedia]

You can walk in from Burrard street through the revolving doors that bring you into the lobby of the building, that is still used for offices.

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The phone booths in the lobby play a short narrative of the history of the building.

The decorations are sea-themed (of course :) , with imaginative sea creatures, a zodiac on the lobby floor, and the prows of boats hold the lights along the ceiling. Decorative plagues grace the exterior, with sail boats, biplanes and zeppelins; and on the left hand side of the entrance, the European explorers' ships (the Discovery, the Resolution, the Sonora, and the Golden Hind).

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Should you be getting peckish, there is a beautiful JJ Bean location on the ground floor for coffee ("ground" floor, get it? :) ) , sandwiches and pastries, and a Tractor Foods for healthy self-serve salads, soups, stews and such.

I love the layout and feel of the JJ Bean (picture on the right), with cozy places to sit, a mezzanine floor with more seating, and historical photographs of the Marine Building. They have 2, 4 and many people-sized tables for any size group.

Both JJ Bean and Tractor are also accessible directly from Burrard street.

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