Nitobe Memorial Garden

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[from: UBC Botanical Garden] "Nitobe Memorial Garden celebrates the memory of Dr. Inazō Nitobe (1862-1933), a remarkable Japanese figure whose goal was “to become a bridge across the Pacific.” Throughout his life, Dr. Nitobe strove to promote a better understanding of Japanese culture in the West"

Nitobe Garden is rather small but exquisite garden of great peacefulness and beauty where it is great to linger. You'll find yourself walking slow, admiring the thoughtful way all garden elements are placed. And take the time to pet the koi, of course.

Nitobe garden does have a small entry fee (about $8 p.p.).

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UBC Rose Garden

Don't be surprised if there are 3 or so couples getting married and having their picture taken - this is a favourite spot.

Channeling Snape, I would say that the UBC Rose garden "bewitches the mind and ensnares the senses". Stunning views to the North Shore, enough little ledges to sit.

Pick up some food from any of the food court areas and have a picnic! Or try a coffee and cookie from Blue Chip Cafe, run by the alma-mater society and a UBC tradition - IMHO the best cookies in Vancouver!

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Getting there - via Horseshoe Bay

To get to the Sunshine Coast is a short 40 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale with BC Ferries. If you do a walk-on, the fare is quite reasonable.

And if you have some time, Horseshoe Bay village has a great waterfront and the highly recommended fish & chips restaurant "Trolls".

The ferry to Langdale is like a mini-cruise with amazing views. A bus leaves right from the ferry terminal and takes you to the main shopping mall in Sechelt; the bus ride or a drive is about 30 minutes.

Langdale (ferry terminal) is right next to Gibsons, which has some fun shopping with many small artist shops along the main street.

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Sechelt waterfront - Snickett park

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I find that traveling to the Sunshine coast is like traveling to another country, i come back very relaxed and feeling I've been away much longer than a day.

The forty minute ferry ride is a mini-cruise as you pass Bowen, Anvil and Gambier islands and can see the mountain ranges along the mainland cost - often snow topped well into Spring.

Follow the lovely rural road to Sechelt by bike, car or bus and enjoy the original ways people have 'sign-posted' their often hidden houses at the start of a long drive way - with pieces of art, toys, or just a random chair so you can take a rest while waiting for the bus.

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Snickett Park

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Site of the annual Sunshine Coast Festival of written arts, the Rockwood Lodge is Sechelt’s only designated heritage building

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Sechelt Marsh - the most adorable little duck pond - EVER!

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The Sechelt Marsh is a small bird sanctuary and circular walking trail of about 1.6 hectares. More information here.

John Rodgers, an ornithologist from Sechelt, the Sechelt Garden Club, and R.D. Harris from the Canadian Wildlife Service, suggested a proposal to the Natural Second Century Fund of BC, now The Nature Trust of BC, to purchase the property and keep it in its natural state. This fund agreed, purchased the property in 1975. A sub-lease for 20 more years was granted in 1999, beginning a new era of cooperative Marsh development and maintenance with the Parks and Recreation Department of the District of Sechelt.

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