a Handful of Hazys and a pocketful of Stouts (updated)

Tis the season of much content and many a new Hazy IPA and some cool new stouts.

Photo of a can of Double IPA bad alex

Sidekick Brewing Hazy Double IPA "Bad Influence Alex"

Fragrance of pineapple but upon tasting: passionfruit.  Really like this one, it is like a summer cocktail without the nasty hangover.   As the Sidekick site explains: "Alex is your bad influence bestie, in the best possible way. "

ABV: 8.5%
IBU: 20

Sidekick is a riverfront brewery nestled below the beautiful Cheam Mountains in Chilliwack, BC and is located on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Coast Salish People, including the Stó:lō Nation.

Field House Super Tall Hazy Double IPA

Very subtle taste of grapefruit as if a memory of years past.  Young breath of alcohol in the nose.  Slight hint of swimming-pool plastic aftertaste but in a lazy summer kinda-way.   Very easy drinking but no bold statement; I had expected more 'wham' from a double IPA.


Mason Ale "Crowns, Hammers and Zombies"

Mason Aleworks has recently released a number of great beers, and with great artwork. Mason started in 2015, in San Marcos and they declare that "We believe in friendship before finance and are happy to help others in this industry as we have been helped by those who came before us. We are bold believers in the fact that a well made beer can cool your spirit and warm your soul. " - a great motto. Not to mention that I cannot hear the word 'bold' without it being followed by 'go where no-one has gone before'. 

Smooth and milky - almost nitro-like! Very fruity and a hint of ginger.

Duclaw "Sweet Baby Jesus"

This one - is very nice. A very nice stout. In fact - I've asked The Gull to order another flat for me as they have already run out! Deep chocolate taste, not getting much of the peanut butter, but oh my baby, a sweet tasting beer.

Smells of chocolate sprinkles. There's no one thing that sets this beer apart, but altogether such a pleasant sweet easy drink!

Now, I know that this beer describes itself as a  chocolate peanut butter porter. But obviously this is a stout... because... well ...

Duclaw, based in Maryland, says they "like to brew by these six words: Craft be Cherished. Rules be Damned" and oh how I like them words.

So if I want to call it a stout, rules be damned.

(also, it seems no one is actually clear about the difference anyway :) https://www.craftbeering.com/stout-vs-porter/)

Deschute's "the Abyss"

This barrel-aged imperial stout greets you with heart-warming tones of molasses and coffee with the feeling of an smokey old-world pub with aged hardwood floors.  

Deschute brewing started as a small brewpub in downtown Bend, Oregon, named after the river, and now has several pubs in Portland and sells widely.



Deschute's "the Abyss coconut"

 WOW Powerful! Full-bodied doesn't even begin to describe this beer. A whole tree full of coconuts concentrated into 330cl of stout. A mere 12% so proceed with caution.

Amazing - highly recommend.


Beer Zombies "Evil Haze"

Est. 2013 Beer Zombies Brewing Co., based out of Las Vegas, dabbles in the dark arts of brewing.

A Double IPA hazy, I tasted a lot of ginger and tongue-slayin' awesomeness. Quite sweet and more gentle than you'd expect from a DIPA - not much bitterness.

And doesn't that cover art just scream 'sweetness'?  Heavy Metal magazine meets Day of the Dead with a hop cravate. 





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