Story: The Truth is out there

"Sentinels 76% returned"

"we agree, then"


The increased fullness of alignment and we smile sadly.

"Sentinels 85% returned"


"this planet is on a warming trajectory that will reduce species diversity to 80% within 50 of this planet's revolutions"

Data flooding in. Voices, conversations, more data points into the confirming the 4 dimensional model; likely end points lighting up in sequence of probability.

"and they know"

We agree "the truth is out there and they know"

We feel our unit Tihet observing its sentinel approaching, the thermal-image-signature standing out against this planets stationary species. Our Tihet runs through the various wavelengths. With fine-tuning, we pick up the many mobile thermal life-forms among the stationary and notice their fluid fast motions. Our radio wave reflection tells us of the many mobile non-thermal life forms at various layers above and below this planet's crust.


Image removed.

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