Beer Benevolence

Before Beer, says Bamforth, Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Brewing Science at the University of California, we just followed our goats around.   Then, we saw through a glass, darkly, and realized that grain can be converted into a liquid that makes happy, and we stayed put while the grain grew and beer was brewed.  And thus, civilization started.  To quote Bamforth "He who drinks beer sleeps well. He who sleeps well cannot sin. He who does not sin goes to heaven. The logic is impeccable." [SciAm May 1, 2007]

Selected samplings of the brew that started civilization below. 


Art Admiration

Victoria Breweries and Sights

For the lover of Art, Coffee, Beer and Diversions, here are some fun tips for a Victoria BC trip, and a reflection on story telling as well as random hedonistic enjoyment. Check out these Victoria craft breweries!
Beer Benevolence

Three Whistler and Squamish breweries

Visits to the tap rooms of Coast Mountain Brewing, Whistler Brewing Co and Howe Sound Brewing.

Forever will I thank the one who thought to serve beer as a 'flight'. The option to taste and enjoy without loosing the ability to assess is awesome for a light-weight like me, who loves options and hates to to be limited to a single choice. "Bring Them All!", I say, as I settle at the tasting table.

Beer Benevolence

Delirium Tremens and Pink Elephants

One of the best Belgian triples out there - especially if you can get it on tap. Next best thing is the 5 liter aluminum keg which many liquor stores carry. The pressurized container produces that very smooth taste that sustains the 8.5% alcohol into a deceivingly easy to drink beverage - can't say the name didn't warn you!

Beer Benevolence

Beere Defiant Jazz and 2 Crows' Space Words T-IPA

2 Crows Space Words T-IPA

Holy sweet mother of mandarin orange and awesome candied mango flavours - this is very very nice IPA! Sensing an almost fennel-like after taste. Listed as 10.1% but that feels hard to believe for such a smooth beer. Famous last words, I'm sure, I'll be stumbling up the stairs shortly! I'm really liking this one.

Made by 2crows brewing from Halifax.

Beer Benevolence

Shout-out to Andina for their Double IPA

Two amazing brews from Andina out in stores now. Their Double IPA (which sadly says limited release!) is strong, flavourful, fruity - passionfruit and grapefruit ! Highly recommend picking some up, if you can get it, and at a nice price point.

A good second is their OPACA Eldorado Mosaic IPA, which of course is more mellow and milky, but a very nice easy drink for the hot summer weather.

Beer Benevolence


"Oh!" he said and danced a jig "it is you! it arrived!" He was so happy for me that he darted this way and that, leading me to the back corner of the Gull Liquor store that opens onto the warehouse. He pointed to the top right side of the shelf in the craft beer cooler section that contained the treasure.

"Or..." he says, contemplating this option, moving from foot to foot and adjusting his mask "or... you could of course take a whole case...?"